Customized Publishing Services from Vainqueur

In addition to strategic, end-to-end support, you also require publishing services that can solve your pain points related to specific components of your publishing process. Benefit from our extended range of focused publishing services that focus on simplifying just these specific areas of specialization.

Author Services

We specialize in delivering premium author services. We understand the importance of addressing the creative content, writing style, and the language used at a sentence, paragraph, and page levels. Our technical skilled team is groomed from 9+ years of industry experience. Vainqueur provides you access to 50+ experts with impeccable caliber and 15+ years’ of experience in the field of publishing.


Our expert team works against time to make your content technically and creatively flawless through extensive line and copy editing. To top things off, our proofreading service brings your content to the highest peak of quality.



We have assisted our clients to publish 9 million+ eBooks and paperbacks. Our digital publishing designers specialize in the development of “reflowable” content that enables access from various reading devices and formats.


Cover Designing

Our predesigned templates and layout help you to creatively design a face for your book. Our client-specific cover designs are tailored by our team of experienced designers who understand your need in every technical aspect.


Author Webpage creation

We understand your need to put your work out into the world. Our core team consisting of highly qualified and experienced web developers, graphic designers and content developers will help you get the attention and promotion you seek for your book and yourselves.


Content Development

We develop standardized content that grabs indulgence and response. We accomplished ourselves in crafting the most persuasive content through years of dynamic research and expertise that is in a league of its own. Our content development is truly strategic, that interacts and engages users that unquestionably grab their attention.

  • Alt Text
  • Rephrasing
  • Translation
  • Content Origination
  • Online Content Editing

Audio Visual Services

Our extensive array of audio-visual solutions is widely acclaimed for its unfailing deliverables, economical pricing, professional-quality, high accuracy, consistency, and multi-lingual support. With 1839600+ minutes of experience, 360000+ minutes of training, 2880+ minutes of transcription, and 7883+ minutes of spotting we have grown to meet the industry standards. Our team of experts operates on WinCaps, GTS, Subtitle Edit, Subtitle Workshop, Express Scribe, Adobe premiere pro and many more.

  • Audio Description
  • Captioning & Subtitling(Open and Closed Captions)
  • Localization
  • Metadata Translation
  • Transcription

Illustration Services

We have produced 22 million+ images that enabled our clients to attain data visualization, artistic creative expression, and optimized data presentation. Equipped with the state of the art technology and software our team of professional graphic designers calibrates our projects to the peaks of affordable brilliance. Meeting client requirements we deliver files in PNG, PPT, MS Word, CDR, TIF, JPEG, TIF, EPS and many more. Solutions in design, illustration, and graphics at Vainqueur can always be customized as per specifications and requirements that always will fit in budget pricing.

  • Animation
  • Graphic Editing
  • Illustrations
  • Simulation

Project Management Services from Vainqueur

Delivering an Exemplary Publishing Experience to all Stakeholders

Vainqueur’s comprehensive project management capabilities across all categories of project management – from full service to total service project management – enable a smooth and streamlined publishing experience across all publishing stakeholders, from the author and publisher to template designers, typesetters, and copyeditors.

Our team of subject matter specialists and editorially trained project managers value communication, quality, schedule, cost, content, layout, and people management with equal fervor.

Effective and proactive communication

Our project managers are trained in ensuring purposeful communication with the right stakeholders at the right time be it through email or through phone calls. Ongoing communication training for project managers ensures that they meet communication expectations, from delivering proactive updates to effectively responding to the queries.


Author coordination

Coordinating with authors for reviews, query clarification, and resolving and possible questions from their end is at the core of delivering a positive author experience. Our project management team places author management at top priority, ensuring that authors do not feel helpless or confused at any stage of the production process.


Quality management

Our project managers play the critical role of confirming the quality of every receivable and deliverable that arrive at their table through a checklist- and training-driven exhaustive set of checkpoints. This practice ensures complete control of errors in the no error zones of content.


Status reporting

With the empowering support of the Publisher Assistant project managers deliver a wide range of timely, comprehensive, and customized reports tailored to meet specific stakeholder requirements at just the click of a button.


Content Services from Vainqueur

We understand the value of delivering high-quality and error-free content across all domains of expertise, from medical to legal and from higher education academic books to magazines.

Vainqueur’s team of content experts delivers a robust amalgamation of language and domain expertise with the support of intelligent technology and customized content workflows.

  • Publisher-specific pre-editing frameworks support extensive customization of normalization requirements, bringing together technology expertise and in-depth knowledge in content structure
  • Automated house style– and style manual–based rules that deliver accuracy during technical editing
  • Extensive reference style repositories for bibliography structuring, from APA and CMS to author’s style.
  • Copyediting skill sets across domains, from medical to legal, delivering simple to complex levels of content editing
  • Deep subject-level and language skill sets delivering simple to intensive levels of language editing
  • Skills in alternative text creation, spanning a wide range of subject specialization and capturing the essence of display elements across all ranges of complexities – from simple images to complex graphs, chemical equations, and mathematical concepts

This robust combination of human skill set and structured technological frameworks entirely configures your editorial responsibilities with a clear focus on quality and quick turnaround time.

Design and Layout Services from Vainqueur

Technology-Driven Creativity across All Content Channels

Transform content into innumerable design format across a wide spectrum of options, from end-to-end automation to customized bespoke layouts for complex publishing formats.

  • Create and manage an exhaustive repository of standard design templates for journals and books, with complete automation of the typesetting process, minimizing turnaround time with zero compromise on quality
  • Deliver unique and bespoke design options and customized complex composition services for school and higher academic books
  • End-to-end art management programs from simple redraws to complex creative art and color corrections
  • Robust XML- driven Indesign and LaTex workflows that deliver multiple publishing end products simultaneously
  • Unique and creative template repository and typesetting options for magazines
  • Extensive and flexible design concepts for catalog creation• Extensive and flexible design concepts for catalog creation
  • The entire gamut of cover creation, from simple template cover designs to complex bespoke cover creation

Our production automation system portal is the backbone of our design and layout services, implementing technology-driven tools and solutions across every step of the production process. Explore the benefits that Vainqueur’s production automation system portal can deliver to you.

Digital Transformation Services from Vainqueuer

Delivering Content Accessibility and Discoverability across Multiple Formats

With the entire publishing landscape looking at digital transformation as a catalyst for leveraging content, you can benefit from Vainqueur’s comprehensive digital transformation services. Our digital transformation services deliver comprehensive content repositories that are secure yet easily discoverable and convertible to any digital format.

  • Gain the advantage of publishing content across multiple devices and formats (from DITA and MATHML to DocBook and HTML5) simultaneously with generating the traditional print PDF output
  • Effortless adoption of standard and publisher-specific DTDs to seamlessly fit into varied content element requirements
  • Specialized domains of data conversion, from conversion of legacy publications and age-old prints into secure digital formats to invoice and accounting data conversion
  • Benefit from our state-of-the-art digital asset management capabilities, including a centralized cloud-based content repository complying with international standards of security, with comprehensive search options, and easy storage and retrieval procedures.
  • Utilize the advantages delivered by our digital asset distribution service – an extensive digital warehouse of ebooks, enabled by a centralized platform that delivers complete visibility and tracking of digitized content.

Industrial Catalog Creation Services from Vainqueur

Creating Crisp, Customized, and User-Friendly User Manuals

Organizing enormous industrial data generated from across all functionalities can be quite a challenge. Similarly, delivering crisp and user-friendly instructions even for the most complex products can be quite tough. But with Vainqueur’s cataloguing services, you can transform all the data clutter into customized, secure, and easily retrievable catalogued data.

  • With extensive options of data management approaches to choose from, our cataloguing service supports with capturing existing data, data cleansing, customized template creations, and effective data transfer with zero error
  • Additional features that require real-time data visibility such as part and component tracking, inventory management, and maintenance management can also be incorporated
  • A trusted data-secure environment with zero loss or leak of data, complying with all standard data management protocols
  • A comprehensive repository of design templates available, with options to customize to specific requirement
  • Compact yet comprehensive user manual creation across industries, from car manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to the pharmaceutical industry
  • DITA XML conversion and ONIX-based automation system for rapid and accurate cataloguing of extensive data

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